Top 50 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2012

With the reflections on 2011 coming to a close, it’s time once again to look forward to what the music gods have in store for us over the next twelve months. 2012 already has a lot to offer but it’s early days yet and there are plenty of returning acts yet to confirm new material for 2012. But speculations, expectations and wishful thinking are starting to fire up and with a lot of promising prospects to dig our claws into, 2012 has the potential to be a great year for music. Below you can find a comprised list of confirmed projects, artists who are pretty much expected to return and a few blind, hopeful shots in the dark. Some of the latter might not have a cat in hells chance of happening, but a boy can dream. So without further a due and in no particular order, our  most anticipated albums of 2012.

1. Put Your Back N 2 It by Perfume Genius
Following up 2010’s tender, beautiful and heart wrenching record Learning, Perfume Genius returns on the 21st February with his latest LP Put Your Back N 2 It. If first taste All Waters is anything to go by the record should be beautiful to say the least.

2. Born To Die by Lana Del Ray
2011’s indie darling Lana Del Ray drops her first full length record on the 24th January. If the record is anything like the material we’ve heard so far, Born To Die is certainly going to be one memorable debut.

3. Given To The Wild by The Maccabees
The first big release of the new year see’s UK indie group The Maccabees return with their third LP Given To The Wild. I’ll always be excited to hear new material from them, but judging by the music featured in their recent short film, their repertoire and versatility has expanded even more.

4. Life Is Good by Nas
A new Nas record alone is enough to get me hyped, but the nineties feel of first single Nasty and the prospect of RZA producing beats for the album, is enough to send my excitement to astronomical heights. No information on release date yet but the sooner the better please Mr Jones!

5. Reign of Terror by Sleigh Bells
Always find yourself stuck for ideas regarding Valentines Day gifts? Well fear not for this year the rugged beat bashing, shred guitar ripping, genre bending duo Sleigh Bells have got you covered. Reign of Terror the pairs sophomore album crash lands on February 14th, so show your spouse how much you care with some gorgeous slabs of noise pop.

6. Untitled by Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band
Last month the boss announced online that he and the rest of the E Street boys were heading out on a tour of the US and Europe in 2012. On top of that there will be a new studio album on it’s way to, no title and no release date but when more details emerge rest assured we’ll have them for you.

7. Act II: Patents of Nobility by Jay Electronica
By all accords Act II is done and dusted but yet there’s no release details yet. When it comes to highly anticipated albums, Acts of Nobility lies firmly on top of the list. Jay Electronica caught my eye a couple of years back, powerful, potent and poetic hip hop, that debut album needs to be released now!!

8. Le Voyage Dans La Lune by Air
French electronic duo Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel return with their first new material since 2009’s Love 2. The album is inspired by a 1902 silent film of the same name so im guessing we can expect something a little majestic when the album arrives on February 7th.

9. What We Saw From The Cheap Seats by Regina Spektor
The sixth album from Russian-American musician Regina Spektor is expected to be released sometime in May, but to be honest I dont know if I can wait that long. As a long time fan of Ms Spektors work the promise of new material is music to my ears.

10. Wolf by Tyler The Creator
OFWGKTA founder Tyler the Creator might not have bowled me over this year with his debut Goblin, but there’s no doubting he still has the ability to. Not one to rest on his laurels the provocateur known as Wolf Haley drops his sophomore LP Wolf sometime in May.

11. Self Titled by MGMT
Although nothing has been confirmed yet it’s widely believed that MGMT will follow up on 2010’s sophomore Congratulations this year. It was reported the duo were working on demos for the record last year and that the album has been described as “fun and rewarding”, let’s hope so!

12. The Slideshow Effect Memoryhouse
Canadian dream pop outfit Memoryhouse finally release their debut album at the end of February via Sub Pop. If their EP The Years is anything to go by then their first full length record could be something very special indeed.

13. Port of Morrow by The Shins
2012 will see The Shins release their first record in five long years. Although frontman James Mercer and his bandmates have been busy with other projects, it’s great to have them back together.

14. TBA by Best Coast
Again nothing confirmed yet but going by the debut of new material last year it’s expected Best Coast will be back once again to warm our cockles. Here’s hoping we get another sweet and juicy slice of surf pop from the dreamy duo next summer.

15. TBA by Dirty Projectors
Dave Longstreth gave some insight into the latest Projectors project back in October claiming that the as yet untitled  was almost done and should be out in Spring sometime. Apparently the album has been recorded in a supposedly haunted house, according to Longstreth the eerie nature of the house has had a direct influence on the material….spooky!

16. A Place Called Love Land by DOOM and Ghostface Killah
With the prospect of finally getting my hands on “that” Doom and Ghostface record, the one thats been waiting in the wings for six years has me fit to burst with anticipation. Please say it is so, say 2012 is the year this collabo finally surfaces!

17. Strange Weekend by Porcelain Raft
Mauro Remiddi aka Porcelain Raft has had me hooked with interest ever since I first heard Tip Of Your Tongue. After releasing odds and sods online and through cassette tape he is finally set to release his debut Strange Weekend on 23rd January. I for one, cannot wait.

18.TBA by Franz Ferdinand
As yet nothings been confirmed but seing as it was first announced back in February 2010, that the Scottish post punk outfit were working on album number four. We should hopefully have a new record sometime this year.

19. Untitled by Janelle Monae
2010’s Firey upstart Janelle Monae has recently announced that 2012 will see the arrival of not one but two new albums, how’s that for progress?!

20. Out of the Game by Rufus Wainwright
Mark Ronson gets about a bit dosent he? Earlier this year he had his hands on The Black Lips album Arabia Mountain and more recently he’s been working the one’s and two’s for the new Rufus Wainwright record Out of the Game. According to Wainwright the album is more “danceable” and is due out sometime this Spring.

21. The Love IV: Diary of a Madman by The Dream
Hopefully there will be no more label drama concerning the latest record from uber producer, turned RnB maestro Terius “The Dream” Nash. The fourth installment in his Love series was due out this year but found itself pushed back, hopefully that wont happen again in 2012.

22. TBA by Grizzly Bear
Another project yet to be confirmed but it’s been over two years since Grizzly Bears last outing Veckatimest, so here’s hoping the New Yorkers close the gap between LP’s this year.

23. Ester by Trailer Trash Tracys
Impressing me significantly in the latter stages of this year I am very much looking forward to delving into Ester, the debut album from Trailer Trash Tracys due out via Rough Trade on the 16th January.

24. TBA by The xx
Initially new material from The xx seemed like wishful thinking, but with the leak of a demo track this week, the possibility of that sophomore album dropping in 2012 seems a lot more likely.

25.TBA by The Walkmen
Despite it be just over a year since The Walkmen’s last LP the group are set o celebrate their tenth anniversary with album number six. Phil Ek (Band of Horses, The Shins) has been booked for production duty and a summer release date is currently being eyed up.

26. TBA by Queens of the Stone Age
Queens have apparently been in the studio recently working on new material, it’s about time if you ask me. It’s been nearly five years since Era Vulgaris and the groups presence has definetly been missed.

27. TBA by G.O.O.D Music
Nothings been officially announced as yet but, G.O.O.D leader Kanye West mentioned earlier this year that we can expect a collaborative album courtesy of his protegees and label mates. Let’s hope he’s not telling fibs!

28. One Second of Love by Nite Jewel
It’s been more than a minute since Ramona “Nite Jewel” Gonzalez’s debut dropped, but she is back with even more effortless cool. Dont believe me then make sure you check out her sophomore record One Second of Love on March 6th.

29. TBA by Animal Collective
Who’dafunk it’s been nearly three years since Animal Collective’s critically acclaimed Merriweather Post Pavilion was first released. Surely we’re due some new material by now? Well apparently the group have finished writing some new material together and are heading into the studio come January, so fingers crossed!

30. Beams by Matthew Dear
Following up Black City one of my favourite records of 2010, producer turned solo artist Matthew Dear  is set to release a new LP by the name of Beams in 2012. Whether it follows the dark, dense and atmospheric nature of his last outing is yet to be seen, but whatever he’s working on I for one am excited to hear it.

31. Untitled by The Knife
It’s nearly six years since Silent Shout but fans of the Swedish siblings need not worry as a new record from The Knife is on it’s way. Last April the pair announced that they were indeed working on a record for 2012.

32. TBA by Black Star
It’s been (believe it or not) fourteen years since Black Stars debut was released. But finally it seems as if the world is going to see their long awaited sophomore record arrive. Nothings been formally announced but Yasin Bey and Talib Kweli have been touring this year and put out new material in the form of single Fix Up. Here’s hoping we dont have to wait too long for a fully fledged return from Black Star.

33.The Deliverance by Sway
On the topic of quality Hip Hop one record im really excited to hear is the third LP from Sway. The Deliverance seems to have been a long time coming, but with single Still Speeding released recently hopefully we wont have to wait much longer.

34. Go Fly A Kite by Ben Kweller
After ten years, left field singer songwriter Ben Kweller is set to put out his first album through his own record label The Noise Company.  It’s always great to hear new material from Kweller so when Kite flies out on February 12th I’ll be more than ready to wrap my ears around it.

35. Anxiety by Ladyhawke
Come March 16th Kiwi singer songwriter Phillipa “Ladyhawke” Brown is penciled in to release her delayed sophomore record Anxiety. It’s a shame her 80’s tinged indie sounds have been missing for so long, but better late than never.

36. Live From the Underground by Big K.R.I.T
Class of 2011 graduate and current mover and shaker Big K.R.I.T is set to release his first fully fledged studio effort earlier this year. His 2011 mixtape Return of 4eva made a big impression with me and I cant wait to hear more from the artful southern MC.

37. I Love You, It’s Cool by Bear In Heaven
Brooklyn trio Bear In Heaven are set to return with their suave sounding third record I Love You, It’s Cool come April 3rd. If it’s anything like their previous psych/prog rock sounds then you can consider me firmly on board.

38. TBA by Morrissey
It’s been three years since the Mozfather’s last album Years of Refusal and with three new songs unleashed this year, surely it’s time for a new record from the iconic mancunian.

39. Oceania by The Smashing Pumpkins
So The Smashing Pumpkins may no longer be “The” Smashing Pumpkins but a full collection of new material from Billy Corgan is always going to be of interest to me. He might still be persisting with his over zealous Kaleidyscope project but Oceania is of much more interest here.

40. TBA by Jose Gonzalez
No title or release date yet, but we do know Gonzalez is looking to release new material this year, after he started his search for a house to record in. It’s almost five years since he released In Our Nature and his presence has been missed, so lets hope we’re not left hanging for too long.

41.TBA by Azealia Banks
This firey madam has generated a whole of interest in the last few months and with her recent appearance on the new Scissor Sisters single Shady Love, the hype train rolls on. But unlike a lot of people fed through the media mangler, she is worthy of the praise she’s attracted. No word on an official debut but surely it’s on the way, right?

42.TBA by The Killers
In a recent interview with the BBC, Killers frontman Brandon Flowers announced the Vegas indie group would be putting out a new LP this year. No release date penciled in yet but apparently it should be on shelves anytime between summer and winter 2012.

43.TBA by Burial
It’s been five years since UK producer Burials pioneering album Untrue was released. So with that in mind,along with last years Stolen Dog EP and another EP due out this year, surely were due for another full length feature. There’s nothing officially announced but I have a good feeling about this one.

44.TBA by Hot Chip
Apparently principal recording on a new Hot Chip record is complete, I for one can believe it for these indie dance floor specialists are like clockwork. They’ve put out a new album every two years for god knows how long and they dont seem the type to break up a good thing when it’s going.

45.TBA by Soko
This little French Fancy has been off the radar for far too long, but last year we got our first glimpse of new material with the single I Thought I Was An Alien. Hopefully she will be following that up with a whole album of tre bon material this year.

46.TBA by Frank Ocean
Odd Future launched a hostile takeover last year and one of the most successful members, strangely enough happened to be RnB sensation Frank Ocean. There’s no doubt  the guys got talent as his revered mixtape Nostalgia/ULTRA showed, this year he’s set to build upon that with his debut album. If reports are to believed we can expect it sometime in Spring.

47.TBA by How To Destroy Angels
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have made a household name for themselves in the last couple of years, due to their soundtrack work for David Fincher.But 2012 is set to see the the pair (along with Reznors wife and fellow musician  Mariqueen Maandig) strike out on their own. With one sngle and one EP out under the groups moniker How To Destroy Angels, a full album is expected later this year.

48.TBA by The Mars Volta
According to Mars Volta frontman Cedric Bixlar-Zavala, the group have just about completed work on their follow up to Octahedron. If you’re a fan you know what to expect, if your not but your open to the idea of uber psychadelic, free form, experimental craziness, then stick it on your “to listen” list for this year.

49.Master of My Make Believe by Santigold
Santigold has been gone for quite some time but 2012 is marked as the year she is set to return. Last year she made some impressive  features but it’s time she took the spotlight for herself once again. No release date has been announced yet but hopefully it wont be too long until her highly anticipated sophomore drops.

50.Good Kid in a Mad City by Kendrick Lamar
Last year was a great year for Hip Hop, in particular up and coming MC’s and one name that was highly praised, was forward thinking rapper Kendrick Lamar. Following up on the critically acclaimed mixtape Section 80, Lamar is set to put out his first debut and I for one am looking forward to hearing what else he has to say.

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