Tickets For “The Dark Knight Rises” Are Already Selling Out

Holy advance ticket sales, Batman!

The final installment of Nolan’s caped crusader epic won’t open until midnight July 19, but advance seatings for IMAX theaters are already disappearing faster than you can throw a batarang.  Few theater seats are left in San Francisco, and Los Angeles and New York already reports no more seats available on their IMAX screens.

Only James Cameron’s “Avatar” had tickets sell out this quickly, having eager fans gobble them up four months before that movie hit theaters in 2009.  For theaters to sell out six months before the film’s release is unprecedented.

Part of the reason for the quick sellout are the limited theaters able to show the film in true IMAX form.  Roughly 40 minutes of the film were shot with IMAX cameras, but most theaters are not able to project the 70mm film.

One way or another, “The Dark Knight Rises” looks to be another superhero-sized hit, not that we expected any different from The World’s Greatest Detective.

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