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TBBT: 100 Episodes, Bazinga Beeyotch!

The girly-girl in me, who doesn’t come out for just anything, loved this episode.  It’s hard to believe this is already their 100th.  The characters have grown, the story lines have become more complex, the newer characters have assimilated perfectly and the funny is funnier than ever!  There is so much to love about this show and I’m excited to get to be a part of sharing it with the world week after week.

This episode begins with Leonard and Sheldon climbing the stairs to their apartment and having a conversation that starts with getting something to eat but ends with speculation about what life would be like if we evolved from lizards instead of apes.  An appropriate and very Sheldonesque way to begin the 1ooth episode.  When they arrive at their apartment they find a package that holds a life-size Spock cutout for Sheldon, but he discovers it is the wrong Spock, Quinto instead of Nemoy.  While Sheldon laments this mix-up, Leonard is distracted by Penny.  As he watches her, he decides to ask her out on a date to rekindle their old flame.  Penny accepts.

As Penny gets ready for her date, Burnadette is excited at the prospect of having another couple to go on double dates with, to which Amy Farrah Fowler asks why they don’t ever double with she and Sheldon.  The answer is, of course, obvious to everyone.  When all of the girls discuss the possibility of Leonard and Penny sleeping together, we get yet another peek into Amy’s twisted head when she incorporates the possibility of Leonard dying and Burnadettes “freaky” side when she talks about role playing with Howard, “The naughty part is I’m not in his HMO network”.  Penny is obviously nervous about the date and doesn’t want to start over in case things don’t work out.

 Back at the apartment as Leonard is getting ready for his date, Sheldon, Raj and Howard are playing The Settlers of Catan.  Sheldon keeps unwittingly walking into not only penis jokes, but sheep schtooping jokes as well with likes like, “who has wood for my sheep?”, and “I just want wood, why are you making it so hard?”, of course never catching on to what is causing Raj and Howard to snicker.

We finally get to the big event, the date.  Since things seem to be awkward, Leonard and Penny decide to pretend they really are on a first date.  Things go well with Penny recapping her time from episodes 1 to 100 and Leonard telling her how he was able to make his own Bat Signal, along with proclaiming himself “king of the nerds”.  Immediately after which he asks if he and Penny can get back together, to which she tells him to slow down and that she’ll “always have feelings for him”.  Leonard immediately takes that as a bad thing and the date is abruptly ended.  When Leonard returns, we get respite from the seriousness of the episode with the continuation of the earlier Settlers of Catan game and jokes.  Sheldon this time giving us gems like “now that I have some wood, I will erect my settlement”, and after Howard reminding him he was “in the middle of an erection”, Sheldon states, “it’s right here in my hand”.

Penny shows up at Leonard’s door in the middle of the night and takes Leonard back to her apartment for an impromptu “sleepover”.  She tells him not to over-think things, which is a recurring theme in the episode.  Penny voices her concerns with them dating again and Leonard suggests a Penny and Leonard 2.0 test run where they can pretend they are just friends while testing the waters of their relationship again.

Leonard is caught coming back to the apartment at 3AM by Sheldon, who wonders where he has been.  Leonard tells him he has been to the bathroom at the gas statin across the street.  Sheldon tries to piece this together slowly and is convinced this is true when Leonard reveals he had his inhaler with him (Penny kept it this whole time and he has it because he had to use it after their late night rendezvous).  Leonard thinks he is caught when Sheldon realizes he didn’t buy anything from the gas station, but Sheldon just makes him go back across the street to buy something for using the bathroom there.

Leonard and Penny trying to pretend to be just friends and keep their relationship going doesn’t work out in the long run because Leonard continues to over-think things and cause arguments between he and Penny.  Leonard eventually says that any situation he imagines ends poorly for he and Penny.

Suddenly we are thrown back to the scene where Sheldon is obsessing about getting the wrong Spock and Leonard is still staring at Penny.  We find the whole episode was imagined, hence Leonard always over-thinking things.  To my delight, he still goes and asks Penny out and she says yes (again).  It was a very “Awww” worthy moment.  In spite of how I would normally feel about a stunt like this, I love that they chose this episode to reunite Leonard and Penny.

At the very end, we get a little glimpse into Penny’s version of the future for she and Leonard if they go on the date and it looks something like this…

..she is suddenly very aware she needs to stop by the drug store before dinner.  And no, Sheldon does not decide to keep Zachary Quinto, no matter how bad-ass he was on Heroes.  

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