Soundtrack Review: THE DARKEST HOUR

After watching numerous ads about surviving the holiday The Darkest Hour opened to fairly average reviews. The film hoped to create a an atmosphere of panic and fear, and the soundtrack helps this feeling tremendously. The physical copy of the soundtrack was released on December 13th, however it’s always better to hear the music in contrast to the scenes that feature it as well.

The soundtrack isn’t anything particularly special  in the sense that it only features two outside artists besides the album’s composer Tyler Bates. The two opening songs (“I Like That”, “Mockba”) set a mood of ease with later tracks creating the atmosphere of panic that the movie attempts portray. Bates does a great job taking the moments of the film and transferring them onto the album. Tracks such as “Night Club Attack” and “Holy $h*t!” are prime examples of songs depicting exact scenes from the film. However, even if you have never seen the film the music does a fairly decent job of standing by itself.

While The Darkest Hour film may have only seen middle of the road reviews, the soundtrack is something slightly different. Bates does a solid job at making music that works with the film as well as songs that work by themselves, something that seems to get forgotten by most composers.


1 I Like That
2 Mockba (Moscow)
3 Space
4 Northern Lights
5 Night Club Attack
6 The Bridge is Out
7 Crashed
8 They’re Inside
9 Now What?
10 Moscow Streets
11 Holy $h*t!
12 Here’s Our Mission
13 Dusted
14 Metro Shred
15 Say Goodbye
16 Man Overboard
17 Train Yard Battle
18 Fighting Back
19 Looking Forward
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