SNL Highlights: You Can Do Anything! and Harry Potter

Last night’s Saturday Night Live was a pleasant surprise! Daniel Radcliffe was game to do anything, including ripping off his shirt to expose his slight frame, and donned an impressive American accent throughout many sketches. His time on Broadway has really given him a strong presence on stage and he seemed truly comfortable on live TV.

There were a few sketches that were strong, but two had me dying from laughter.

You Can Do Anything! 

With social media and the internet allowing anyone to be famous, the sketch is spot on in it’s takedown of the “ME Generation.” Some highlights include lines like “I’ll stay, because I’m full of unearned confidence!” and “My self-esteem is through the roof because no one has been honest with me about how mediocre I am!” Every line was delivered with such eager delusional self-confidence, and sadly actually reminded me of many people I’ve come across in life. What makes the sketch so great is that it’s completely based on a kernel of truth found in the real world, and really “the world needs more singer-songwriters and fewer doctors and engineers.”

Harry Potter Epilogue

You know that kid who never really left high school/college? Turns out, Harry Potter’s that guy. Reliving the glory days of his Hogwarts years when he was a hero and never really becoming anything else in adulthood. While this was a great sketch, the best Harry Potter sketch was definitely the one from Lindsey Lohan’s hosting bit many years ago – focusing on when Hermione went from looking like the scrawny, frizzy haired girl to looking like a woman and how all her male friends react. Watch it below.

Flashback: Harry Potter with Lindsey Lohan

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