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SKYFALL game in the works

Most people know what to expect when it comes to games based on featured films. Companies forced to turn out a half made game in order for it to coincide with the films release date. However, over the last few years games based on films have started to become somewhat respectable. Activision the company behind one of the first successful movie based video games Goldeneye, will be in control of Skyfall.

Much like the film, the Skyfall will take place fifty years after the events of the first Bond film Dr. No. Activision will have their work cut out for them as not only will gamers have a high expectations for another Bond game, but this year also marks the fifth anniversary of the films franchise. As of right now little is know about the actually game play or the story of the future release, other than the announcement that the title is in fact confirmed.

Goldeneye was one of the best film based video games ever made. It was also one of the best shooters of the past, teaching many the fun that was four player split screen. So the question is could this new incarnation be as successful as previous titles? or will it flop like most film based video games?

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