PROJECT X’s Second Trailer

Project X is the brainchild of already seasoned party movie producer Todd Phillips (The Hangover, Old School). The movie plans to take audiences in deeper than any other so called party movie has ever done before. Adopting the ever popular found footage style of filming, the film follows three high school nobodies as they throw a party that is sure to be something special.

Project X’s first trailer back in November raised more than a few eyebrows with its great soundtrack and the ability to not put all their cards out on the table. This second trailer opens with peoples reactions to the trailer stating everything from ‘I wish I was at that party’, to ‘This is Superbad on crack’. The rest of the trailer gives us quite a bit more and shows us a bit of the characters motives behind their actions. While the film probably won’t be anything deep concerning its plot, as far as raw humor goes Project X writes a big check by giving us everything from tasers to flamethrowers in this brief two minute trailer. The trailer is embedded below, check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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