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For those of you have zipped through Batman: Arkham City and are still looking for a Gotham city fix, TT Games has you covered. Earlier during the holiday season certain stores let slip various LEGO products based on the upcoming Batman game. Now that we have entered the new year, TT Games has confirmed that the newest addition to their ever growing LEGO franchise will in fact be another adventure for the cape crusader.

LEGO BATMAN 2: DC Heroes will see the return of Batman and Robin but this time expands to include other DC comic heroes such as Green Lantern, Wonder Women, and of course the man of steel himself Superman; as well as including various villains from DC’s universe such as Lex Luther and a return by the Joker. The game will be the first of the LEGO franchise to boast a completely unique storyline, which at the moment TT Games is keeping pretty quite about, along with which other character may be included in the finished game. This will hopefully breath some fresh air into the stale franchise which has been repeating the same recipe for it’s last two to three games.

On the topic of Batman we also have news of Monolith’s Team Fortress 2 style shooter set in the dark city, Gotham City Impostors. The game in which players will have the option to play as various class types on either the Bats team or the Jokerz, was expected to launch this coming Tuesday. However, reports are now saying that the game is expected to be pushed back to as late as February. The game  has been in beta for a while now, so chances are that Monolith wants to take the time and make sure the game is ready before launching on Xbox Live, PSA, PC, and other various formats.


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