GOD BLESS AMERICA red band trailer is the dark howl of 2012

If we’re talking about the end of the world in 2012, look no further than most mainstream entertainment. I’ve already talked at length about the remake culture in our entertainment and how it destroys originality with its focus on churning out the same thing. But have you ever thought of just how mean and disparaging popular entertainment has become? This is a market where real, informative discussion and decency has been swept away by the most base, vile, and horrific depictions of human behavior, from reality television to political “correspondence” to song-and-dance shows that mean nothing but capture our attention more than presidential elections and concerns of global warming.

God Bless America knows this, and writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait seems to want to burn that culture to the ground. Joel Murray (Fred Rumsen from Mad Men, and brother of little-known indie actor Bill Murray) plays Frank, a decent man stuck in a world of idiots who finds out he is dying of cancer. As he prepares to shoot himself after seeing late-night television and idiocy, he stops and sees Chloe, an analogue for all the twits from My Super Sweet 16, chewing out her father because the car he lovingly bought her with his hard-earned cash is not an Escalade. He then decides to take out Chloe and some of the other scum of the earth before leaving this planet, and even picks up a Hitgirl-esque homicidal pixie companion (Tara Lynne Barr). The red band trailer below (read: NSFW), courtesy of Hulu, would be a breath of fresh air in the multiplex, and sadly I fear it shall never reach it since it would take up a screen that theater owners could use for screening Battleship.


God Bless America premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to a mixed bag of reviews. Some loved its take on our current culture, while others thought that it was too much of a broad approach. But I am desperately curious to find out how a movie that is as original as this turns out, especially if it entertains Frank’s question of “Why have a civilization if we’re no longer interested in being civilized?” I’m famished for new and interesting works in my theater, and Goldthwait proved himself with the hilariously dark material of World’s Greatest Dad. So now all we need to do is wait until the movie hits on-demand on April 6 before it has a very limited theatrical release on May 11, 2012.

Don't make Fred Rumsen a mad man. Go see GOD BLESS AMERICA.
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