Giveaway: Win a copy of the new science fiction novel RESURRECTION

As a fan of science fiction, it’s always hard to find the next great book. Perusing the aisles in the bookstore (or the book pages in Amazon) there’s a lot out there and not a lot of it is good. Resurrection is a promising new science fiction, now available on Amazon and select book stores.

In celebration of its release today, we’re giving away 3 copies! Here’s how you enter in just 3 easy steps:


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Official synopsis: 

Five thousand years ago, the Kinley built a ship capable of traveling faster than light. It carried a group of scientists to the distant planet Earth with a single mission: peaceful observation. But when the ship was destroyed, the crew found themselves stranded in Egypt during the reign of the pharaohs. With no way home, they buried their technology deep beneath the desert and sent a last desperate message into the stars…

Today the Kinley homeworld hovers on the brink of extinction. An enemy that nearly obliterated their race has risen again—now with the ability to destroy them for good. A lone Kinley soldier named Pruit is sent on a desperate mission:  she must follow the ancient beacon back to Earth and recover the secrets to faster-than-light travel.

Spanning five millennia and vast reaches of space, Resurrection transports readers on an astonishing quest that will forever alter the fate of two extraordinary worlds.

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The Author

Kristal Bailey

Kristal Bailey

With a soft spot for movies that fall into the “So Bad They’re Good” category, Kristal Bailey regularly watches B-movies, 80s comedies, and sci-fi from the 50s and 60s. She also refuses to grow up if that means she has to hide her love for Disney and Pixar films.

In her free time, she enjoys reading graphic novels or books that are soon to be turned into movies, watching hours and hours of television, and spending way too much time on Twitter.