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IN TIME is an entirely easy-to-digest, run-of-the-mill sci-fi action thriller. And therein lies its problem. From Writer/Director Andrew Niccol, it never quite lives up to to its potential. As a fan of Gattaca and The Truman Show, I’d been following IN TIME during its journey to the screen. Despite some worrisome early reports (mainly casting), I was re-energized after their appearance at Comic-Con and the footage they showed.

However, while those films were allowed to dive deeply in to the consequences of that state of their reality – Gattaca with genetic engineering and The Truman Show with its look at reality TV (that was WAY ahead of its time), IN TIME rushes through the deeper points and chooses to instead dwell on the chase and the relationship. What could have been a science fiction take on the 99% movement, during its peak no less, instead ends up as a rushed romance and chase flick, with a little political sentiment sprinkled in.

The script and dialogue leave a little to be desired, but the tense action keeps the film plodding along at a nice pace. Never boring, the only time it drags is the beginning when setting up the world it inhabits. How many times do you need to hear Justin Timberlake say he doesn’t have enough time? After beating that horse for the first ten minutes of the film, it becomes much more interesting and dives into the fray with JT’s journey to balance the divide between the 99% and the 1%.

While the film moves briskly, the deleted scenes on the DVD hint at what more was on the page of the script. Usually with deleted scenes on DVD/Blu-Rays, it’s obvious to see why they were cut – overly long, unnessecary, and repetitive moments rightly make it on the cutting room floor. However, there was one scene that I wish had made the final cut and it was only about 5 seconds longer than what ended up in the film. Cillian Murphy’s villian, a “timekeeper” cop in this new world, is watching the Zone 12 peons run to work and about their lives.

“Look at them, barely enough time to make it to work.”
“Good, no time for war.”

Such a small line but it could have added so much more weight to JT’s quest throughout the film. It would have painted his action in such a different light than what was originally in the film.

This one scene perfectly sums up my sentiment on the films – a series of what ifs and what could have been, had it been allowed to truly dwell on the issues it mentions. Science fiction has the luxury of addressing very real political messages in a covert way that can reach the masses – this could have been a 99%-er film. Instead, JT and Amanda Seyfried are little more than eye candy in a modernized version of Bonnie and Clyde.

IN TIME is available on Blu-Ray /DVD starting on January 31, 2012.

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