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Consumer Complaints: Are MMO’s worth the price?

The monthly subscription for most MMO’s are often the quickest thing people choose to complain about when attempting to start into a new game. While most well established MMO’s on the market boast an average monthly subscription fee of fifteen dollars a month, some are consumers are voicing concern over whether or not a newer game with less content should carry the same price tag as an older more seasoned game.

Most recently concerns from subscribers of the Bioware release Star Wars: The Old Republic and its current lack of end game content. As someone who played The Old Republic  I found that the single player content was bountiful, however I cannot speak on behalf of the current end game since I have never made it there. At the moment though their is indeed end game raids and end game PVP for those that have reached the level 50 plateau. While it’s end game is nothing compared to the likes of World of Warcraft, we can’t forget that WoW is seven years old and has almost eleven million subscribers to its name.

Similar complaints have also come from players of Rift, an older game but much like The Old Republic has a much smaller subscription base than its competitors. While still maintaining the same subscription costs as other MMO’s, Rift does offer a discount to those who sign up for a year at a time which drops the cost to a mere nine dollars.

Monthly subscriptions allow for companies to pay for server costs and help off set the initial launch costs of a game. They are often worth it since on average games can deliver roughly fifteen dollars worth of entertainment a month. With that in mind consumers need to consider whether or not they are indeed getting this amount of entertainment.

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