CollegeHumor Producing a Feature Film, which started as a website creating viral shorts thirteen years ago, has grown into an Internet phenomenon, spawning several books and a short-lived TV show on MTV.  Now the company is making it’s first foray into feature films with the low-budget Coffee Town, about the manager of a website who uses a coffee shop as his office (start with what you know, right?).  Brad Copeland, who was a writer/producer of the niche TV show Arrested Development, will direct the film based on his own script, and the project will star Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Steve Little, Ben Schwartz, and Josh Groban.

Copeland says the film is a story about “people who, with all these offices shutting down, need places to go — even if the people [who work] in those places don’t always want them there” and that the tone is “a little like Cheers” with some of his Arrested Development absurdist humor mixed in for good measure.

With a sharp script and a talented but little-known cast, the film sounds like it could be a fun sleeper hit, and certainly relatable to the current, often unemployed state of the world today.

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