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“BONE” Adaptation Moving Forward at Warner Bros.

The average filmgoer probably has not heard of “Bone,” but to the comic geek, this is exciting news.

Jeff Smith’s “Bone” was a series of comic books written from 1991-2004, and it follows the story of three cartoonish creatures as they struggle to survive in an epic fantasy world.  Imagine Lord of the Rings with a Mickey Mouse-type character as the hero.

Plans were made to develop “Bone” by Nickelodeon in the 1990s, but were ultimately abandoned.  In 2008 Warner Bros. picked up the franchise, and now it looks to have a director and writer.  Patrick Sean Smith, creator of ABC’s “Greek” has been hired to pen the script, and Australian director P.J. Hogan (My Best Friend’s Wedding and 2003’s Peter Pan) has been given the task of merging the high fantasy elements with the childish protagonists.

The film will be animated by Animal Logic Studios, responsible for the eye-popping imagery of warrior owls in Legend of the Guardians and tap-dancing penguins in Happy Feet.  Tonally “Bone” will be tricky to get correct in a filmic medium, and it’s unclear whether the entire story will be told in a single film or a potential series; but for fans of independent comics, this is exciting news!

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