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Album Review: The Lions Roar by First Aid Kit

Let’s face it fellas for the last couple of years the ladies have had our number when it comes to folk music. The likes of Julia Stone, Joanna Newsom and Laura Marling to name but a few have been stand out artists for good reason. Now The Lions Roar see’s the Soderberg sisters, Johanna and Klara added to that list of acclaimed  musicians.

The pair who are known together as First Aid Kit are another heart-warming ensemble from Sweden and Lions Roar is their second full length album. It follows their 2010 debut The Big Black and Blue, which although showed potential for the pair was a minor mis-step in comparison to their latest work. The level of confidence in the siblings musical execution is significantly higher, sound and production is tighter and more well rounded than before. On top of this they seem to mesh together as a pair better, vocal harmonies are projected better and add to the warm, sweet vibe vastly delivered from the LP.

Lyrically they seem to be moving in a more mature direction too, granted there are still a few too many quasi cliched lines and somewhat predictable couplets scattered throughout. But this record has much more of a personal touch to it, it’s quite a cosy romantic listen without being schmaltzy or kitschy cute.

Theres still room for these siblings to grow further but this album definetly shows them at their strongest so far. It’s a record of subtle but effective progressions, a record that carves some truly great tunes out of classic folk elements. The albums title track, “Emmylou”, “This Old Routine” and “To A Poet” are shining examples of this. Delicately well balanced in many areas yet not afraid to feel as well as think, The Lions Roar is an exciting step forward from an act your definetly going to hear a lot more from in the near future.

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