Album Review: Purple Naked Ladies by The Internet

Unless you we’re living under a rock or inside a locked cupboard last year ,you will no doubt be aware that a big part of 2011 belonged to Odd Future. Whether it was regarding the controversial frontman Tyler The Creator, critical acclaim of crooner Frank Ocean or those wild live performances, it was hard to escape the boys and girls of Golf Wang. 2012 looks set to be no different with new albums from Tyler, Frank Ocean and off-shoot Mellowhype due later this year. But kickstarting the new year for OFWGKTA is R&B duo The Internet.

Purple Naked Ladies the first offering from Sid Tha Kid and Matt Martians came out digitally at the tail end of December. The physical copy however, saw it’s release today and although the pair havent really gained much critical or commercial acclaim, The Internet is a pretty interesting project. At it’s core PNL is a straight up R&B record but it dosent fit into the glossy realm of The Dream or the dark atmospheres favoured by The Weeknd. Instead their sound has a much more DIY aesthetic to it, it’s made up of a mish mash of ideas and genres. Spanning from 90’s dance music to neo soul, the experimentation on their debut is adventurous but often mis-matched. Thats not to say it isnt full of ripe sounds here and there because it is, some of the synth patterns, clear cut melodies and drum breakdowns work together real nice. But on the flip-side to that there is a lot of clashing to be heard throughout. Certain elements sound forceably fused together and some sounds, in particular some of the more squelchy synth sections feel pretty flimsy and add very little.

On top of that a lot of the tracks come across as pretty half baked. It seems like a good portion of Purple Naked Ladies content consists of unfinished ideas. There are some great single ideas on the album but a lot of them seem to fizzle out before they can develop further.

However despite it’s downfalls The Internet still come off as a group with potential, they have some interesting ideas between them and when they can keep things consist they can pull off a pretty good tune here and there. But there’s far too many inconsistencies here too make this debut stand out.

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