Album Review: Ester by Trailer Trash Tracys

Trailer Trash Tracys were one of a few bands that popped up on my radar in the latter half of last year. Single “Candy Girl” crawled under my skin, with it’s slow burning pitch bending and distorted drum thumping. It’s crisp, dreamy textures washed over me with ease, creating a sense of excitement . Based on that, I had a significant expectation for the groups debut record Ester and even placed it on my anticipated albums of 2012 list.

Although my pre-conceived notions of Ester do play a factor in it’s disappointment, the main culprit for it missing the mark, is the overall records inconsistencies. There are a decent amount of good tracks on the LP that stand out on their own, songs like You “Wish You Were Red”, “Engelhardts Arizona” and the previously mentioned Candy Girl are significant highlights for sure. But most tracks on the album just dont gel well together as a collection, although there are no real massive leaps in style and instrumentation, there are hardly any reoccurring threads. The few binding strings that the album does have aren’t particularly strong either, a good proportion of Ester feels disjointed, it sounds as if the band  havent quite figured out in which direction they want to be heading. This is far from unusual for a new group, a lot of debut albums come across as sounding boards for bands, a chance to chisel away at ideas they have been storing.

There are definetly some good ideas in Trailer Trash Tracys repetoire, they just dont seem to have a full grip and understanding of them yet. This is evident in a significant amount of the records content, there are plenty of good sounds here, solid simple bass riffs and twin peaks esque guitar twangs which echo throughout. The problem is that they come across like shiny bells and whistles attached to the surface, which is great providing their is something solid supporting that. But my biggest issue with the record is the lack of meat dressing it’s lovely bones, it feels a little hollow inside and ultimately thats where my main source of disappointment comes from.

Ester is far from a bad record there is a lot to like about it, but unfortunately theres not enough there to love it. Not so much a solid album, its more a collection of some good stand alone tracks watered down a bit by some lesser numbers. Despite it’s disappointment Ester dosent write the band off in the least, there’s still potential there it just hasn’t reached the surface yet.

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