Watch THE MUPPETS music video for “Man or Muppet”

You’d think people would have had enough of the Muppets by now with their constant viral marketing, commercials, parodies, and now the film is out and doing steady business at the box office. But now they’ve made a music video from one of my favorite moments from the film! If you haven’t seen THE MUPPETS yet, get yourself to a theater and enjoy the pure heart and joy.

Are you back? NOW you can watch the funny music video that inter-cuts some key moments from the film with the hilarious identity crisis song that Walter and Jason Segel sing, “Man or Muppet.” Seriously, if you haven’t seen the movie stop reading because it’s filled with some great, surprising cameos and the actor featured in this song was one that elicited one of the biggest laughs.

What was your favorite song from the film?

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