Soundtrack Review: HUGO is an amazing listen!

The score for HUGO is absolutely amazing! What else would you expect when you see the name Howard Shore as the composer of the score? In my eyes, this guy is phenomenal and definitely on legend status in my book. If you don’t know who Howard Shore is check out his IMDB page to see his many accomplishments including three Academy Awards and three Grammy Awards. If you have ever seen THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY then you have heard his Oscar winning work.

It would not surprise me one bit if he received another Oscar nomination for the score on HUGO. I listened to the soundtrack before ever seeing the film itself and I was already in love with it. The mood it sets for the film, is beyond words. You feel as if you are there in Paris, France with Hugo living in that train station. You can feel the ups and the downs of the movie with just the soundtrack.

Now that I’ve seen the movie, HUGO, the soundtrack is all that more powerful. It really is such a great part of the movie and effortlessly takes you along on the adventure that is HUGO. HUGO, by the way, is an amazing film that I would recommend anyone to see.

The soundtrack is available now at both the Amazon and iTunes stores.

Track listing:

  1. “The Thief”  4:21
  2. “The Chase”  2:50
  3. “The Clocks”  4:28
  4. “Snowfall” 1:51
  5. “Hugo’s Father”  3:25
  6. “Ashes”  2:33
  7. “The Station Inspector”  1:10
  8. “Bookstore”  1:52
  9. “The Movies” 1:29
  10. “The Message”  4:37
  11. “The Armoire”  2:33
  12. “Purpose” 2:04
  13. “The Plan”  2:49
  14. “Trains”  2:50
  15. “Papa Georges Made Movies”  1:53
  16. “The Invention of Dreams”  6:29
  17. “A Ghost in the Station”  6:01
  18. “A Train Arrives in the Station”  3:26
  19. “The Magician”  2:34
  20. “Couer Volant (Performed by Zaz)  4:19
  21. “Winding it Up”  4:11
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