SNL Highlights: Jimmy Fallon on Weekend Update, Jesus visits Tebow and more

Jimmy Fallon returned to the Saturday Night Live stage last night and brought the best episode of the season! In addition to Jimmy’s return, there were a slew of former cast members who returned to show their support and maybe make themselves relevant again (I’m looking at you, Kattan!).

While I loved the musical opening monologue, that’s not available online due to streaming copyright issues. It was a hilarious musical moment that had Jimmy Fallon walking through the studio extolling how great it was for him to be back home at Saturday Night Live. The best part was when Andy and Vanessa came out and asked for a verse for the Jews – which consisted solely of the line “8 days of gifts…that’s all I’ve got!”

Of the clips that are available online, Weekend Update had a couple really great moments! Andy Samberg came out as Nic Cage and then the real Jude Law came out as himself. While it was a SHERLOCK HOLMES tie in, the Nic Cage lines stole the show with lines like “I don’t even read my own scripts, that’s why my characters are always so surprised – I’m finding out the twists at the same time as the audience!” and “I still can’t believe I took my face off in FACE/OFF!”

Later in Weekend Update, it was co-anchors vs. co-anchors in a Toys for Tots strip club offer joke-off! Watch the full clip featuring both segments:

Weekend Update: Nic Cage with Jude Law and the Joke-Off with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers, and Jimmy Fallon

Michael Buble was there to sing a couple Christmas classics, but he also got involved in the sketch Christmas Duets. Featuring some of the best of the cast’s celebrity impressions, I was dying when Jay Pharoah busted out his Kanye West impression with the lyric “Jesus rode on a donkey, I got my Mercedes…Kanye West is better than Jesus!” Jimmy Fallon’s Justin Bieber and Abby Elliott’s Ke$ha were also spot on.

Christmas Duets with Michael Buble

Then the last sketch was especially funny to those football fans out there. Tim Tebow has been on a crazy winning streak (that was just broken today by the Patriots) and always has his religion front and center. So what would happen if Jesus really was helping them win? And how would Tebow react to his visit? Check out SNL’s hilarious take:


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