SNL Highlights: Best Friends and The Apocalypse

Last night Katy Perry hosted Saturday Night Live and while she did a decent job, I still don’t believe her as an actress. There were some funny sketches, but that was mainly due to the writing and the regular cast rather than the hostess herself.

While she’s trying to transition to being an actress, with roles on How I Met Your Mother and THE SMURFS, this was the first time she had to carry a show on her own and frankly she didn’t really step up to the plate. On a show where the hosts have gone to extreme lengths to get a laugh, including cross dressing and guzzling Ranch dressing during this season alone, she seemed to play it safe. She even toned down her cleavage from previous appearances (do you remember her Elmo shirt from last season?)

There were a couple great sketches from last night though. The SNL Digital Short featured great cameos by Matt Damon as a homeless drug addict and Val Kilmer as a mad scientist. Watch the full song and video here:

Best Friends


Another highlight was the NEW YEAR’S EVE sequel. The celebrity impressions of the current cast, particularly the newer members like Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah, are spot on. It’s especially funny considering SNL writer and Weekend Update host, Seth Meyer, is actually a star in NEW YEAR’S EVE. Watch the trailer for THE APOCALYPSE here:


What was your favorite sketch from last night? Share your thoughts on Katy Perry’s hosting gig in the comments!

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