Did you know Guy Ritchie never attended film school? He says he finds the work of graduates of it “boring”. That’s probably why his work has an uncanny sense of style that’s very self aware and fast paced, and Game of Shadows it’s no exception. In this sequel to the 1996’s hit, we follow Holmes (Robert Downey Jr) who requests help from old sidekick Watson (Jude Law) to unveil the mysteries surrounding Professor Moriarty (Jared Harrys), and the true intentions of his plans.

Even though is been two years since the first one, as soon as you see Downey and Law together for the first time on screen, the chemistry between them is so strong and contagious, you know you are gonna have a good time again this time around. And you do: we have even more interesting characters in a very smart, flawlessly directed and action packed film.

Great female roles: Kelly Reilly comes back as Mary Watson, but not to be the almost gonzo figure from the previous one, here we see why Watson is with her: she’s smart, skilled and empowered. Noomy Rapace plays the gypsy fortune teller Madam Simza, who is as beautiful and seductive as lethal, and even has a warm and very feminine side to her. Both great roles with outstanding performances by these two actresses.

The action sequences are as hectic and intricate as we are used to on previous Ritchie’s films, the very avant-gard and elegant way the camera flows through the action contrasts with the vintage look and era of the film, and the results are very stylish and visually interesting.

Even when the story at points gets extremely intricate and may loose some of the audience members, I have to give it to a director who doesn’t  “dumb down” a script and considerate his audience as smart as his main character.

Game of Shadows’s brings a great story filled with action and humor, with characters worth following a second time around.

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