New Trailer for ROCK OF AGES

Tom Cruise has been doing a lot of jumping lately, and not only from buildings in Dubai.

In this trailer for Rook of Ages, directot Adam Shankman (Hairspray) shows us how he’s keeping the same naive, self-mocking tone of the Broadway musical it’s based on. The opening scene features Alec Baldwin wearing the weirdest (and on him funniest) wig I’ve seen in a while, and it just goes from there, since hair styles and funny clothes are just another character in the film, taking place in the 80’s.

With a star filled cast ( Catherine Zeta-Jones, Paul Giamatti, Tom Cruise among others), you can tell the actors are just having fun, without taking themselves serioisly and going over the top, especially Cruise, who plays rockstar Stacee Jaxx, and you can tell he’s having a blast doing some crazy stunts on stage and being crazy intense, (if you ask me the type of role he’s best at, just see 1999’s Magnolia), and is for sure  going to be the movie scene stealer.

If you are into this specific type of film I think it could be fun, but it’s not for everyone. In my case, I’m going to see Cruise on stage and also to check Zeta-Jone’s performance, who I thought was brilliant in Chicago. If crazy hair, silly jokes, musicals and the 80’s is your thing, you have something to expect for with this film, and, of course, also expect lots of head-banging, zebra print  and yes, scrunchies.

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