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New Girl, “Bad in Bed”, Good On-Screen

In New Girl, “Bad in Bed”, Justin Long brings back Jess’ love interest, Paul and the two try to take their relationship to “the next level”.  Jess is self conscious after not having sex with anyone since the relationship that prompted her move to the apartment.  The opening scene finds Jess and Paul awkwardly undressing one another on their way to Jess’ room while Nick lays on the couch, in a parody of the beginning of every sex scene in every movie ever made.  Long and Deschanel are a fantastic comedic team.  Jess’ efforts to glean from porn and her male roommates what to do to make sex more exciting for Paul end in disaster.  In the most awkwardly sexual moment that I’ve seen since Nate Berkus had Spike Mendelsohn on his show, Jess incorporates some odd voices and accents while Paul goes straight for the Jimmy Stewart voice.  Hearing George Bailey talk about sensual spanking was just too much.  I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or curl up in the fetal position.  In the end, I decided on some mix of the two and adding rocking in a corner.  By the time Jess gets around to a little “light choking”, Paul hightails it out of the apartment.

Justin Long and Zooey Deschanel
Failure to launch

We see Schmidt at work for once, and it’s not quite what I imagined.  I anticipated he would at least have his own office and not be sitting in a cubicle.  It turns out that he is the only male in the office and, as such, is left out of a lot of activities.  This keeps him from being able to manipulate things he wants around the office, as in a corner cube.  He has an arch nemesis in the form of a redheaded coworker who takes advantage of Schmidt’s non-estrogen status.  Once Schmidt gets the okay to attend a boss’ baby shower, he finally has his foot in the door.  The competition between coworkers gets a little weird when Schmidt turns the shower into a rager.  Thanks to the hormonal craziness that comes along with having a baby, his boss loves the unusual turn to her shower and goes right along with the crazy antics.  This part of the story I probably could have done without, it’s not terribly believable and wasn’t all that funny, it just took time away from more worthwhile story lines.  I would love to have seen more of Nick’s further developing narcissism and the idea of his freaky issues with hairdressers developed further.  The closing scene of Nick at the barber shop was great, I would have liked to see him go through a journey of several attempts at a haircut before he finally went with the ridiculous cut that he ended up with.

Winston was back to not being featured much at all in this episode, though all the other characters were.  He only got a a couple of minutes to dole out some fatherly advice to Jess and helped wrap up the barber shop story for Nick.  I really enjoyed seeing more of Wintson in the last week’s episode, “Bells”, and am disappointed that he was left by the wayside once again this week.

Everyone ended up with what they wanted by the end of the episode.  Schmidt got to become popular at the office, Nick got a haircut that was questionable, but found a tolerable situation in which someone could touch his head without it resulting in a nervous breakdown and Jess and Paul still got to consummate their relationship, albeit in an elevator…those crazy kids.  I enjoyed this episode, but not as much as one in which all the characters are featured with some depth.  The highlight for me was Jess and Paul’s second attempt to sleep together, though I still won’t ever be able to watch IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE the same way again.

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