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AMERICAN HORROR STORY: won’t kill you to try it…or will it?

FX brought us an original horror series by way of executive producer Ryan Murphy this past fall.  With horror being my favorite genre, I was completely on board with this one long before it premiered in October.  As every avid fan of their respective category, I had my reservations seeing as how it might be somewhat difficult to consistently scare an audience with a program that was limited to network cable.  Airing at 10 PM definitely helped AMERICAN HORROR STORY’s plight and increased whatever limits it would have placed on it due to not being able to use as many swear words or show “nudy-parts”.

With Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton and Jessica Lange (Golden Globe Best Supporting Actress in a series nominee) the show started off on the right couple of foots.  The immediate response of many viewers was very similar to mine; the show was pretty, well uh, weird.  But weird in a way that made you want to come back for more, and yes even more.  For those of you who haven’t seen the show just yet, I’ll spare you any plot-spoiling details but the story revolves around a seemingly average American family.  Average until their dark secrets are spilled out across the screen for all of us to judge and gossip over the next day with our friends.  Even though the family is the forefront of the plot, the house that they move into in order to begin their lives anew is the real star of the show.  There is very little that takes place outside of this spooky home dubbed “Murder House”.

The show touches on infidelity, trust issues, teenage insecurities, forbidden love, school violence and oh yeah sex.  Especially from the young maid Moira played by Alexandra Breckinridge.   Tie all of this in with the supernatural and you’ve got yourself a hit television show.  The finale aired on December 21st and left a few cliffhangers after a pretty wild ride along the thin line of the living and the dead.  The acting performances are truly something to behold as well, especially that of veteran actress Jessica Lange.  She seems to bring the most passion and flavor to the show keeping it edgy and very engaging with the way her character changes emotions so rapid-fire and manipulates the others in some of the most unbelievable ways.  There are many recurring guest appearances.  Some are from the likes of Zachary Quinto, Mena Suvari, Morris Chestnut and Kate Mara.

Overall, if you’re a fan of horror or thrillers, you will definitely like this show.  If your spooky side needs an excuse to show its face, then perhaps this is just the bait that it needs.  12 episodes of suspense, spookiness and tons of drama…it’s all packed in there.  Next season will bring an entirely new storyline and host of characters according to Murphy so don’t get too attached to these.

If you’re a fan of the show, please share your thoughts on the past first season, your favorite episode or the season finale.  What do you think of AMERICAN HORROR STORY?

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