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Album Review: Live Love ASAP by ASAP Rocky

If there’s one genre the hype machine loves to sink it’s teeth into it’s Hip Hop, sometimes the attention and admiration it spews is more than justified. Other times it can miss the mark complelty, in the case of latest sensation ASAP Rocky it lies firmly in-between the two. As his debut mixtape shows, the Harlem born rapper is indeed talented but to me it least it seems as if his ability has been somewhat overstated.

There is no doubt that ASAP has charisma, a flexible and dexterous flow and a certified confidence when riding the beats of Live Love ASAP. But to me it seems that he gets a little too lost in a small, often cliched circles of lyrical content. Money, success and drugs are on the menu, however they seem to be the only thing on the menu. In this sense it seems as if Rocky is limiting his potential, which is a shame because he has plenty of it, but keeping himself locked into these categories creates repetition. Granted he’s not the first and he surely wont be the last to have this flaw, but it dosent take away the slight element of disappointment from the mixtape.

Although I might have been less than amazed by the lyrical content of Live Love, the beats used on the record act as a catalyst to ASAP’s skills. Part street anthem, part experimentation the production on the mixtape is lean yet muscular. This is pretty much down to a great mix of rugged beats, percussion and screwed samples. “Peso” is definetly a standout track but the modulating synth sounds provided by Clams Casino on tracks like “Bass” and “Wassup” add a moody atmosphere to the mix. I for one would love to hear these two work together more, there is a clear chemistry between ASAP’s vocals and Clams production that compliments each other well.

Although I may have not bought into ASAP Rocky’s debut as much as others I can definetly see his potential, as do Sony who have recently signed the MC to a 3 million dollar deal. With that behind him along with a critical following, he has all the tools to improve upon a pretty good start. I might not have booked a seat on the ASAP love train this time around, but there’s time yet.

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