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Album Review: Gentle Stream – The Amazing

When you name your band The Amazing you better be bringing the goods to back it up, or at the very least an overblown sense of irony. Where this Swedish supergroup formed by Dungen’s Reine Fiske and singer songwriter Christoffer Gunrup  are concerned, it’s definetly the former of the two. Gentle Stream the pairs second outing is an album full of strong, solid folk rock layered and brought to life with elements of jazz, psych and prog rock. Imagine if Crosby, Stills and Nash were permanently stoned and decided to break out the fx pedals and your heading towards the right lines.

I dont even know where to start with explaining how much I dig this record ,everything is pretty much on point. The songwriting is whimsical and warm, it invites you in and rewards you with some sweetly delivered, nordic tinged vocals that linger in the air. Occasionally these main vocals are accompanied and even elevated to another levels by contrasting yet complimentary backing vocals (see “International Hair” for definitive proof).

The instrumentation is great from start to finish, whether it’s the countless number of motivating drum fills and beats. The spacey organs taking you to another dimension or the wonderfully trippy guitar tones which ring out with attitude. The instrumental DNA of The Amazing’s sophomore record, strives to push strong ideas further forward and does so with ease. Technically the album is sound but the experimentation with sounds and genres mixed with solid songwriting makes for something incredibly heartfelt, soulful and exciting. For example the guitar solo on “Dogs” is undeniable proof of how well outside influences are woven in to the folksy fabric of the LP. Spun with authentic intentions Gentle Stream is reminiscent of music from a time gone by, yet sounds fresh and contemporary. Gentle Stream really is post modern music at it’s finest.

I could continue to praise this record but the truth is, the only thing left to say is go check out the album for yourself. You wont regret it, consider it a druggy, folk rock gift from me to you!

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