The Small Screen Podcast Episode 9: Is the new season looking GRIMM?

As part of the new partnership with Too Interesting For Twitter, I’m proud to introduce The Small Screen Podcast to the readers of Napier’s News! What is The Small Screen Podcast? It’s a weekly chat about all the latest things going on in the TV world – TV news, what we’re watching, what we’re looking forward, and anything else TV-related that’s worth a mention! Who are “we” – the hosts? I’m Kristal Bailey, writer at Too Interesting For Twitter, GeekTyrant, and West Coast Managing Editor of this very site! I love television and am so glad to talk about it every week with my co-host, Marcos Canales. There were lots of new season pick-ups, and one last series premiere – GRIMM. We also talk about Chuck’s season debut and which of the many new shows we think is the most promising. Check the full breakdown in case you need to avoid spoilers.


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Intros: Start – 1:21 TV News: 1:21 – 12:28

  • Full Season Pick-ups (Homeland, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, Bob’s Burgers): 1:21 – 9:55
  • Grimm’s strong debut: 9:56 – 12:28

Topic of the Week: What is the Most Promising New Show? 12:29 – 21:52

  • Homeland vs. Revenge vs. New Girl

What We’re Watching: 21:52 – 49:15

  • Grimm (a new Angel/Charmed/Supernatural? Better than Once Upon a Time? Is “procedural” a bad word to television critcs?): 21:52 – 31:49
  • Chuck vs The Zoom (Morgan as the Intersect, Sarah’s Dream House, and the debate over stuntcasting): 31:50 – 49:15

Closing: 49:16 – end

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Kristal Bailey

Kristal Bailey

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In her free time, she enjoys reading graphic novels or books that are soon to be turned into movies, watching hours and hours of television, and spending way too much time on Twitter.