Popcast Podcast Ep. 40: THE MUPPETS, MY WEEK WITH MARILYN and more

Welcome to the Popcast Podcast Episode 40. Our panel consists of: Mal, Gwen, Dan and I am your host Jim Napier.We have a great show lined up….

HOT SONG OF THE WEEK – human nature by soviet soviet
Trivia Question: What 1989 movie only starred muppet-like characters such as Heidi (hippo), Bletch (walrus), Cederic (wart hog), Sid (elephant), Daisy (cow) and Barry (bulldog)?

Review Roundup:
The Muppets – Jim/Gwen
My Week With Marilyn – Dan
Warrior – Mal

Trailer Park –  Please pick one trailer per host to talk about

  • Beauty and the Beast 3D – Gwen
  • Rampart – Jim
  • The Darkest Hour – Mal
  • W.E. – Dan

Topic: What muppet character would you be and why?

Box Office or Bust

  1. Twilight: Breaking Dawn – 42.5 Million
  2. The Muppets – 29.5 Million
  3. Happy Feet Two – 13.4 Million
  4. Arthur Christmas – 12.7 Million
  5. Hugo – 11.4 Million

Opening This Week:

  • Shame, Sleeping Beauty

Panelists Box Office Picks

Trivia Answer


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