Popcast Ep. 37: TOWER HEIST, VOD, JUMP STREET and more

Our panel consists of: Mal, Gwen and I am your host Jim Napier.
We have a great show lined up…


Trivia Question: Which heist movie was directed by Michael Crighton and starred Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland?

Review Roundup:

Trailer Park –  Please pick one trailer per host to talk about

  • 21 Jump Street Trailer – Jim
  • Safe House – Mal
  • American Reunion – Gwen

Topic of Discussion:
Universal’s Ron Meyer discussed the studios flops and failed Tower Heist VOD. What are your thoughts on showing movies on VOD weeks after the theaters?

Box Office or Bust
Opening This Week:

  • J. Edgar
  • Immortals
  • Jack and Jill is NOT a joke, unfortunately

This week’s estimates:

  1. Puss In Boots – 33 Mil
  2. Tower Heist – 25.1 Mil
  3. A Very Harold and Kumar Xmas – 13.1 Mil
  4. Paranormal Activity – 8.53 Mil
  5. In Time – 7.7 Mil

Panelists Box Office Picks

Trivia Answer – The Great Train Robbery
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Jim Napier

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