Is Hollywood Losing It’s Humanity?

With a set of rock em’, sock em’, boxing robots and even more recently a hispanic, swashbuckling cat topping the box office of late, has Hollywood grown tired of humans? Take a look at some of the highest grossing movies over the last few years and it seems as if the star power of people is slowly disappearing. There are more animated movies now than you shake a CGI stick at, and yes they tend to lend “celebrity” voices to their characters, but be honest thats not why we see them. Take Pixar for example outside of Toy story their voice casting isnt exactly littered with high profile stars, but then it dosent need to be. People see  movies like Wall E because of the rich, involved and evolving worlds they inhabit. Up, which was a movie essentially crafted from the inside of a computer, is more evocative and emotionally wrenching than a handful of movies littered with human beings.

Even outside the realm of animation a major factor that gets backsides in cinemas these days is the use of special effects. Just look at the ridiculous amounts of money Michael “Boobs and Explosions” Bay has raked in with his Transformers series. Even the big figure flicks powered by people tend to see our heroes draped in spandex masks hiding their identity. The big question that looms over all of this is why? Why has human interest fallen so far from success? One answer could be that their simply are no more stars left to shine. The leading man has all but died away, once upon a time the likes of Carry Grant and Humphrey Bogart had people flocking to their local multiplex. Hell not so long ago the likes of Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise had a similar effect on their generation, but now it seems as if that personable magnetism has all but fizzled out. However it’s not for lack of trying on Hollywoods part I mean look at films like In Time and Abduction, two recent movies which seem hand crafted to launch Taylor Lautner and Justin Timberlake as the next big thing in cinema. But both subsequently failed, which leads me to rethink my original question. Rather than Hollywood is it in fact the movie going public which is losing its humanity?

Has the movie industry simply become a self produced source of escapism? And why does it feel like the art of acting is more a valuable factor to cinephiles than the average joe? There are so many factors to consider in regards these questions, the global economy, the decline of originality, the incline of social networking, the fading benefits and prospects of over the counter culture. So many things can considered, but ultimately we’re left with rhetorical questions. Something Hollywood and the entertainment industry has been providing for years. Still its something to think about.

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