Gibson Custom Expands Collector’s Choice Series—Offering a Precise Recreation of 1959 Les Paul

Gibson Custom, a division of Gibson Guitar, today announced the expansion of its Collectors Choice series with its second release: the 1959 “burst” serial numbered 9-0629, aka “Goldie.” Currently valued in the high six figures, the original “Goldie,” as its affectionately named by its owner, was one of less than 700 models of the famed Les Paul originally made in 1959. For the new recreation of this one-of-a-kind instrument, Gibson Custom worked directly with the current owner to analyze the guitar and recreate it down to the tiniest detail.

Each Collectors Choice guitar is a near-perfect recreation of a specific serial number from the guitars built in 1959. With so few made, Gibson Custom recognized the need for a historically accurate recreation of a handful of these much-sought-after, nearly mythical, guitars. The recreation process involves passion, skill, science and community as Gibson Custom works directly with high-end collectors and engineers to methodically build guitars like “Goldie,” capturing the tone and feel of the guitar and enabling enthusiasts to actually own what few have seen and fewer have held.

“Were extremely grateful that the current owner was so passionate about sharing his find that he was willing to work with us—lending us a highly valuable and incredibly rare guitar—and help us make this a reality,” says Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar. “A unique feature of the Collectors Choice Series is that every one of the guitars made in 1959 has its own unique personality—its own fingerprint. Modern production techniques used today obviously didnt exist, so each of the less than 700 59 Les Paul Bursts created has its own tone, its own feel and its own overall “vibe.” Working with dedicated collectors like the current owner of “Goldie,” we are now able to truly capture and offer a limited number of what are literally one-of-a-kind guitars.”

About Gibson Guitar:

Gibson is known worldwide for producing classic models in every major style of fretted instrument including acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins and banjos. The Gibson Les Paul guitar is the best selling guitar of all time and bears the name of the late, great Les Paul. Gibsons HD.6X-PRO Digital Guitar, the Gibson Robot Guit, the Gibsons Dark Fire and the Gibson Dusk Tiger all represent the biggest advances in electric guitar design in over 70 years. The Gibson Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Gibson Guitar Corp. and dedicates its time and services to making the world a better place for children through its support of music, education, health and human services. Founded in 1984 in Kalamazoo, MI and headquartered in Nashville since 1984, Gibson Guitar Corp.s family of brands now includes Epiphone, Dobro, Kramer, Steinberger, Tobias, Echoplex, Electar, Flatior, Slingerland, Valley Arts, Maestro, Oberheim, Baldwin, Sunshine Piano, Take Anwhere Technology, J&C Fischer, Chickering, Hamilton and Wurlitzer. (Gibson has the following FSC® Trademark license code that represents Gibsons FSC® certificate holder listings: FSC® C004842, FSC® C011113, and FSC® C020168.)

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