AMERICAN HORROR STORY Preview/Review of Ep. 8

Eight episodes in and this show is yet to disappoint.  This week’s, “Rubber Man”, finally reveals who it is that is actually within the confines of that super spooky shiny black costume.  The episode also continues to divulge the pasts of the many victims of the forsaken house that the Harmon’s reside in.  Ben (Dylan McDermott) attempts to throw a life preserver around his drowning relationship with his daughter, Violet (Taissa Farmiga).  She, herself, is continuing her peculiar relationship with the very dead and usually very creepy Tate (Evan Peters).

Vivien (Connie Britton) is just about at her wit’s end with everything that has happened to her since moving into her home.  She begins to feel like she’s literally going crazy after more strange occurrences continue to plaque her.  A little chat with Moira (Frances Conroy), her maid, pretty much takes her to the breaking point and she decides to try to escape the madness of the house for good by leaving.  Something that proves to be much harder for her to accomplish than she thought.

Episode eight was just under something of epic.  The writing and direction of the show continue to keep it very engaging.  The continuous slow pacing maintains its scary movie atmosphere without becoming too predictable.  This episode in particular had an especially specific feel to it as the audience learns more about the non-living inhabitants of the house as they themselves learn more about each other.  After last week’s dis-“memberment” and murder of the one and only buyer, we can expect to keep on discovering more and more about them as well.

This brand new episode airs at the show’s normal time this Wednesday night at 10 only on FX.

What do you like the most about the show so far?  Please share your thoughts and opinions with us!















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