Woman sues DRIVE over “misleading” trailer

Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest release DRIVE is being widely hailed as one of the best films of the year. However, one woman from Michigan wouldn’t agree.

Sarah Deming saw the action packed trailer for the film – which you can find here – and expected a Fast And The Furious style experience complete with fast cars and chase scenes. What she witnessed on the big screen though was instead a meditative love story with only flickers of extreme violence and short bursts of action. So angry at being misled by the marketting, Deming didn’t just do what most of us would and take to Twitter, Facebook or IMDB to vent her rage; she instead decided to sue both the film’s distributor and her local theater!

Deming says the award winning film “bore very little similarity to a chase, or race action film… having very little driving in the motion picture”.

She even accused the film of anti-semitism stating that it “contained extreme, gratuitous, dehumanising racism directed at members of the Jewish faith, and thereby promoted criminal violence against members of the Jewish faith.”

It’s almost certain that this case will be settled very quickly, but should Deming win it would allow cinemagoers across the USA to sue distributors for being misleading in their marketting. Maybe Tyrannosaur would be sued for having no dinosaurs? Could The Iron Lady land herself in court for not being Iron Man’s female sidekick? Will Abduction find itself in trouble for not actually having any abduction in the story?

The aforementioned cinema has pointed out that it would have been happy to refund the cost of the ticket bought by Mrs Deming, which is the suit’s only demand.

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