Sony to stop providing 3D specs

So in addition to the uber-high prices to see a film in 3D nowadays, not to mention the stupid high cost to see one in a regular format, the almighty Sony has chosen to stop providing movie-goers with 3D glasses. “What does this mean?”, you ask.  It means, my friends, that we have to purchaser our own specs to see any films in that oh so wonderful three-dimensional look that movies come in nowadays.  Yeah, but our own. NATO had some choice words for Sony, defending consumers, about the this development.

NATO (National Association of Theater Owners):

(Washington, D.C. And North Hollywood, CA – September 28, 2011) “Recent press reports indicate that Sony has decided to stop providing 3D glasses to consumers and wants moviegoers to buy their own glasses. NATO believes Sony’s suggestion is insensitive to our patrons, particularly in the midst of continuing economic distress. Sony’s actions raise serious concerns for our members who believe that provision of 3D glasses to patrons is well established as part of the 3D experience.

While each exhibition company must make its own decision as to how to handle its business arrangements and how to respond to this development, we are concerned that Sony’s attempt to change this business model would unilaterally upend long-standing industry practices. Since the onset of the digital 3D revolution in 2005 it has been understood that exhibitors would bear the weight of technological and facility modification costs related to 3D, while distribution took on the cost of 3D glasses. Any changes to that understanding must be undertaken through the mutual agreement of both sides of the business. The recent uproar over four studios’ unilateral decision to radically shorten the theatrical release window for their failed DirecTV premium VOD experiment vividly illustrates the downside of movie studios announcing fundamental changes to business models without negotiating with their exhibition partners first.

Sony would be well advised to revisit its decision.”

Sony chose to strike back with some words of their own, pretty much insisting that is very possible for us to dish out more moolah for some glasses.


“There are constructive ways to deal with the cost of 3D glasses that will not adversely impact consumers, and can also help the environment.

NATO’s statement that it has been “understood” that distributors would always bear the cost of 3D glasses is incorrect, because there never has been any such agreement. In fact, we have been speaking with people in the industry for a long time about the need to move to a new model, so this certainly comes as a surprise to no one in the business.

We invite theater owners to engage in a collegial dialogue with us about this issue, including at ShowEast next month. By working together on a business-to-business basis, we are confident a reasonable solution can be reached that brings benefits to consumers, the entertainment industry and the environment.”

So the choice is up to you.  Buy them or not buy them? What do you think?  Please provide you feedback on this debate. I think dates are expensive enough without adding the fact that if your date wants to see a 3D movie, you can’t take her if you don’t own a pair, no two pairs, of glasses.  Sorry hun, after that, I guess we won’t be eating.

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