Slow Dancing On My Own – Episode 1: Momma Loves Meth, Not Magic Bandanas!

With a new inspiration, a new purpose, a new reason to exist im doing a new 52 and rolling this right back to number one. Join me as I  journey through the weird, wonderful and downright macabre passageways of the internet.

This week we peek into the world of reckless fireman, vampire poets, infected hoochies and angry superheroes on the internet!


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Slow Dancing Encore No 1


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The Author

Mal Foster

Mal Foster

Writer by day, ski mask wearing vigilante by night. I like bears, sarcasm and magic, not necessarily in that order. Rather fond of summer fruits mixed into some kind of refreshing juice, movies, music and videogames. Also I may not be entirely human. Visit my site - https://www.thespeakerboxbelow.com