Popcast Ep. 35: Cut Loose with Sword Fights, Ghost Frights and Werewolves

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For this week’s episode of the Popcast we are joined by Hannah Angst from Reelvixen.com and The Wild Honey Pie. Listen to the show and follow along below:

Here is the show format to follow along:

Trivia Question:
Review Roundup: 2 minutes each on what we have been watching!

NewsCast: 12 minutes of News

  • Ben Affleck is wanted to direct Stephen King’s The Stand
  • Fast 6 and 7 to be shot back to back
  • Akira Live Action, Garrett Hedlund for Kaneda
  • Transfomers Discussion – Michael Bay?, 4 and 5 shot back-to-back

Trailer Park – 15 minutes

  • Chronicle
  • The Flowers of War

Box Office or Bust
Opening This Week: 1 Minute

This week’s estimates: 4 Minutes

  1. Paranormal Activity 3 – 54 mil
  2. Real Steel – 11.3 mil
  3. Footloose – 10.8 mil
  4. Three Musketeers – 8.8 mil
  5. Ides of March – 4.9 mil

Panelists Box Office Picks – 4 Minutes
Trivia Answer

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Jim Napier

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