Last week, I had an opputunity to ask Danny Devito, star of ITS ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA,  a couple of questions.  After hearing from Mr. DeVito, he seems pretty close to his character on the show, Frank Reynolds.  Neither are afraid to say what is on their mind, they love having a good time and both absolutely loved the ‘rum ham’ that was featured in the Jersey Shore episode.  Here’s what DeVito had to say:


Sean: Hi Danny, what’s going on?

D. DeVito: Hi Sean.

Sean: I just wanted to say that rum ham was genius.

D. DeVito: Thanks man. And you know what? I’ll tell you what, it was tasty.

Sean: I bet it was.

D. DeVito: It really was. A lot of people ask me for the recipe. I got to get the prop guy to tell me what the recipe was because it had rum in it and it was sweety, not too sweet, but it tasted so good. It was so well done. Just, it had pineapples, you know?

Sean: Yes and I want to try that this Thanksgiving.

D. DeVito: Happy Thanksgiving—you got to get some of that going.

Sean: My first question was, you played so many in the past, but do you think “Frank Reynolds” compares to any of the characters you’ve portrayed in your career?

D. DeVito: I think he’s got—no, he’s an individual definitely. His character is set up the way his character is. His situations definitely—when you play characters and they have a certain amount of energy or they don’t have a certain amount of energy, you as an actor, you gather some of that. That always stays with you because a lot of it’s you. A lot of my moves and my things that I like to do, may come from within.

They possibly resemble, like for instance, even in—well, from “Louie” all the way to Other People’s Money to Twins and all those. There is a lot of similarity and sometimes their spirit, but of course, the situations and their makeup is different. I don’t think that “Louie” would want to live with “Charlie.” I know that. He wouldn’t want to do night crawlers. Man, I’m telling you. “Louie” would throw that. “Charlie” would be—if it was a situation like that, “De Palma” would have him sleeping out on the fire escape. There is no way. They’re similar in that way, but I guess the answer is yes.

Sean: Okay. My second question was, since your range as an actor seems so broad, was it difficult making that transition from feature films to working in television?

D. DeVito: I came from—I was in the stage doing off-Broadway work in New York, then I came out and did some episodic television, then I did the three camera stuff. I actually did movies before that because I did Cuckoo’s Nest, and all that was before those. If the audience accepts you in the different genres, then I think you’re really fortunate to go back and forth.

I’m just watching Claire Danes now on her show, Homeland, and she’s doing a great job. That is a different kind of show, but it’s still going from movies to TV. She’s doing a really good job. Then you look at the old days when it was Travolta went from the TV show to the movies. So did Clint Eastwood in those days. It wasn’t commonly done.

And now with all the different medias—the internet medias and the wonderful communications that we have out there in the world—people like to see the actors, especially young folks. It’s doesn’t really bug them if I see them one day in a movie and the next time I see them they’re on TV or even on the web. I think it’s pretty free.

Sean: I hope you guys keep up the great work on the show.

D. DeVito: Thank you very much.


Seems likes there’s many more laughs still ahead this season and in the future for ITS ALWAYS SUNNY so stay tuned.

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