Album Review: When Pigs Fly – A.Dd+

When Pigs Fly is not only a great metaphoric title for the first full length project from Dallas duo A.Dd+ , it also cements them as one of my favourite Hip Hop acts right now.

Creative, charismatic, free thinking and armed to teeth with clever, progressive rhymes and hard hitting beats courtesy of producer Picnic Tyme A.Dd+ are definetly a force to be reckoned with. There are bound to be dozens of comparisons to Outkast especially Andre 3000 and granted there are hints of influence from the ATLiens but Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy show they are more than capable of carving out there own lane. From the opening bars of The “Rapper and The Poet” both personalities shine through and theres an instant likeabilty factor to the pair. From clever punchlines to rubbery flows the vocal presence of both MC’s is both intriguing and on point. What I think sold me on A.Dd+ is the fact that they seem to be bringing back story telling to rap, “Erica and Jamie” is a fantastic character based track centred around the over indulgence of drinking. The left field manner in which the subject is approached, the late night jazzy noir nature of the beat and the slurred verses make for addictive listening. Recent single “Cant Come Down” (not featured on the album) does a similar thing with a different subject. The very idea of solid storytelling coming back to rap is enough to get me excited but to see it executed so well makes me very happy. On top of this alternative train of thought A.Dd+ seem to be all about community spirit, the love they have for their local scene and neighbourhood contemporaries is pretty inspiring . Theres a definite Native Tongues vibe about it which is great to see because that kind of camaraderie has long been missing in hip hop.

In regards beats this thing is fully loaded, well considered and intricate production from Picnic has resulted in a bevy of  tightly nit joints. From the uptempo and anthemic (“Like A Mug”) to the sombre and reflective (“Under”) this LP shows a broad range which gives plenty of musical ammunition to both Paris and Slim. Mixing both traditional elements of Dirty South Hip Hop and components from various other places Picnic’s production is both fresh and fun. As a whole When Pigs Fly establishes A.Dd+ as an immense talent yet shows they still have bags of ambition, a real refreshing change and a wonderful reminder that Hip Hop still has the capability to be soulful, playful, progressive and multi dimensional.


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