The Speaker Box Below Go’s LIVE!!!

From the 2nd September (thats tomorrow for those without a calendar)  your one stop shop for the best in brand new music dips its toe into the stream and go’s live! Thats right no more hiding behind my desk! From 3pm GMT (thats 10am EST and 7am PST) I will plugging myself into the interwebz with a whole host of hot tunes for you and yours to hear. More info and a fancy little promo video awaits you after the jump.

If you’re available it would be great to have you on board for our maiden voyage tomorrow, the show will be broadcasted from at the aforementioned time. Theres a space on there for us all to have a good chat during the show and if your lucky I might make us all a cup of tea. I will also be live tweeting during the show so if thats more your kind of thing hit me up at

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