The Nillaz Releases Self-Titled Album Via Orchard

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New York City’s The Nillaz are the pioneers of a futuristic sound best described as Crunk Rock. The band emerges with the 2011 self-titled album, The Nillaz…12 Tracks of Fire, No Filler.

The release comes courtesy of The Orchard, who purchased TVT Records. Laying down the gauntlet with “It Is What It Is”, The Nillaz take you on a slow ride through the struggles of an NYC artist in distress. Take a hit, sit back and enjoy.

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1. It Is What It Is
2. Aye Aye Aye
3. Do You Know?
4. Fever
5. Beachball
6. Failure
7. Bananas
8. I Dont Wanna Job
9. Hammer
10. Candyman
11. Nicotine
12. Mask

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