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My Digital Pilgrimage – Part 2: Fly Me To The Moon

Returning back to the thick of my challenge, I have my feet firmly placed on the second milestone of my digital pilgrimage. Two down and twenty six to go Sega’s Bayonetta takes it place proudly on my gaming timeline, to see or rather hear what i thought of the game check out the video after the jump.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for what games I could try my hand at along my journey then please dont hesitate to leave a comment. I should note that im not including new releases for 2011 but other than that there are no other rules really. Im looking for 360, PS3, Wii, Arcade Titles (from PSN Store, Wii Shop or BLA) and Nintendo DS primarily but am willing and able to get my hands on the odd emulator and rom if need be. So have at it gamers, what should I try next?

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