Music Monday: A Real Hero by College featuring Electric Youth (from the DRIVE soundtrack)

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Last night I finally got around to seeing the new Ryan Gosling, Nicolas Refn flick DRIVE. This movie has been super hyped since it hit the festival circuit, and then really impressed at their San Diego Comic-Con panel with FilmDistrict.

While I enjoyed the movie, it definitely suffered a bit from all the endless praise it’s been getting. With the bar set so high, it’s hard for any film to reach that level. I do definitely recommend it, as it is a film that needs to be seen, but don’t let the praise get ahead of you.

I won’t go too much into the film here (maybe I’ll get around to reviewing it here later), but you do need to hear the main song from the film. It’s a fantastic soundtrack that’s so unique and just fits with the film so well.

Listen to A Real Hero by College after the break and if you saw DRIVE, let me know what you thought of it in the comments.

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