10 Acts I Love Right Now

Like a glorious infestation or a beautiful virus, new music continues to grow and spread on pretty much a daily basis. What you will find after the jump is a collection of new acts that I’m crushing on right now, so what you waiting for? Grab a pair of headphones and get yourself inside.

Icona Pop
Its no secret that I have a soft spot for Sweden, and its not just because I’m fond of flat pack furniture and cold weather. Over the years the Nordic countries have continuously exported excellent music, this electro pop duo are certain to continue this tradition. If single Manners is anything to go by then I think its safe to say this pairing have the potential to do big things.

Icona Pop – Manners by PopDash Keaton Henson
Artist/Illustrator turned musician Keaton Henson has been making music since a young age, his heartfelt, earnest and very open songs were originally recorded as a personal project, but soon after they hit the web they really caught on. Find out why by checking the beautiful Charon below.

Keaton Henson – Charon by partisanpr Spotlight Kid
I recently played some material from Spotlight Kid on The Speaker Box Below podcast and ever since I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for the Nottingham based band. Their particular brand of psychedelic rock draws you in and leaves you wanting more.

Theme Park
To see what it is I love about Theme Park all you have to do is check out this unplugged version of Wax recorded for The Line Of Best Fit. Sweet, light melodies and sweeping afropop esque rhythms make this group one to keep a keen eye on.

Sleep Over
Despite her two fellow bandmates disembarking from the project Stefanie Franciotti continues as Sleep Over on her own. Unravelling hazy songs which could soundtrack a neon lit dream, Franciotti has the ability to puncture your subconscious for days with her music. If you like what you hear down below and you want more, you can pre order Sleep Overs Forever LP here. Plus as an added bonus it comes out next week so you want have to wait long, insert smiley face here!

SLEEP ∞ OVER – ‘Casual Diamond’ by Hippos In Tanks

The biggest thang to come out of Dallas since J.R Ewing’s ego, A.Dd+ are one of my favourite Hip Hop groups right now and trust me thats no easy achievement. With an odd, offbeat twist to their country flavour expect to hear a lot more from Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy. You can download the duo’s debut LP When Pigs Fly from their website.

A.Dd+-Like a Mugg by NASAGANG

Cities Aviv
Gavin Mayes aka Cities Avive jumped shipped from fronting a hardcore punk band by the name of Copwatch to start plugging into hip, and boy was that a good decision. The 22 year old has captured the attention of quite a few people already and theres no doubt that the self proclaimed Bowser of this 8 bit world, plans to stop anytime soon.

Cities Aviv- Voyeurs by mepenete

Gross Magic
Take a bumper crop of 80’s pop influences, rinse them thoroughly through the prism of a young brighton lad barely out of his teens and you get Gross Magic. If that wasn’t enough to spark your interest give the rather excellent Sweetest Touch a spin down below.

Gross Magic – Sweetest Touch. by LitePanda

A truly infectious indie pop act Polarsets are another example of the developing music scene in the North East of England. Creators of tropical sounding rhythms with silky smooth sounds sprinkled on top, I see nothing but good things coming from these guys.

Sunshine Eyes by Polarsets

Sun Glitters
Blurring the lines of distinction Sun Glitters are like a chemistry set of sound, merging pitch altered vocals, syrupy bass lines and sluggish drugged up drum beats. Think of it as Dream Pop after having its drink spiked with a cocktail of drugs.

Sun Glitters – there by Sun Glitters

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