Review Blood: Re-cap of TRUE BLOOD Ep. 38

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Episode 38 and counting… “You Smell Like Dinner”

Oh my stakes! I know that was pretty cheesy but it was meant to be. This week’s episode was possibly even bigger than the major hype that last week’s premiere brought along with it. Sookie is really having a difficult time having Eric so involved, and infatuated, with her life. It’s hilarious to hear her get upset and start cursing like when she discovered Eric’s sleeping cubby. “What the mother**k?!” Hilarious! Our vampire sheriff is really pulling out all the stops trying to get Sookie to like him. It seems she’s immune to the charm that has all of the shows female fans uncrossing and then re-crossing their legs whenever he shows up on screen. But for how long can she resist?

Sam’s life is taking a turn for the better, a most beautiful better. Luna (Janina Gravankar) is certainly a site to behold, especially from behind according to Sam. I was pretty surprised at how quickly he got her to like him. I guess ‘ol Merlotte has got some game. Her past looks to be pretty interesting as it unfolds in the coming weeks. Arlene’s paranoia about her son continues to grow to the point of hysteria. She receives a blood shot eye for her troubles, and from what it looks like, her baby boy gave it to her. Maybe she should quit telling him how terrible he’s going to be. Jason is in even more of a pickle than we last left him. His love, Crystal, has finally returned but with her brother/fiancé/lover right beside her. They have some pretty extreme plans for Jay and he has no wishes to be a part of them. Becoming a were-panther isn’t for everyone.

After discovering about the Wiccan coven that Jesus drags Lafayette down to from his spy/sexual miscreant, King Bill Compton sends Eric to shut them down. But the witches strike back after he bites their leader and threatens Tara who returned home for a visit and found herself in his dangerous arms. This encounter left him wandering around mindlessly and shirtlessly. What is it with all of the shirt-less and pants-less dudes on this show? I’m about to write a letter to Alan Ball. Hoyt gets into a fight trying to defend his dead girlfriends honor. This doesn’t really help their relationship any after he refuses to drink her injury-healing blood. Jessica storms out and finds herself down at Fangtasia with her teeth in someone else’s neck.

Pam, although not really heard from on a regular basis, is beginning to rise the ranks of my cool list. She’s very bitchy but she’s completely real. She doesn’t hide who she is and always speaks her mind, even to a mob of vampire-protesters huddled outside her bar; “The public has a right to voice their opinion about how f**king idiotic they are.” Never a dull moment with her. She has a short moment with Sookie after she pleads with Pam to convince Eric to leave her alone. Of course she isn’t going to help Sookie, what did she expect was going to happen?

I really enjoyed this episode. This season is shaping up to be a pretty good one. I can only imagine how much weirder it’s going to get but judging just from the main storyline which undoubtedly will place Sookie in a love-triangle with Bill and Eric, it should be great. I’m only guessing here but it should get even heavier when Alcide (another female crowd pleaser), the werewolf, returns and converts the triangle into a square..or rectangle. Whichever you prefer. On to next week. I know waiting sucks but to help you pass the time, go do some bad things.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know or anything you wanna spill you guts about concerning the show…

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