THOR tops box office with BRIDESMAIDS in hot pursuit

Another week, another first place finish for Marvel. It’ll really be interesting to see when GREEN LANTERN, CAPTAIN AMERICA and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS debut. Of course by then THOR would have been out for a while but it will still be rather exciting to see which super hero’s super film will come out on top this summer. Fighting off new releases such as the Judd Apatow female comedy, BRIDESMAIDS, and Paul Bettany’s PRIEST, THOR pulls out another first place finish.

Earning $34.5 million this weekend, the god of thunder has gathered in a total of $119,252,000 so far during its week long theatrical run. BRIDESMAIDS placed second with $24,409,000 and FAST FIVE, $19,534,000, came in third. Despite not being able to reclaim its first place spot, FAST FIVE still has made the most amount of money this year and in less than a month with a grand total of $168,780,000. Other new release PRIEST didn’t quite cut the hype with many critics, both professional and amateur, but managed fourth place with $14.5 million.

Rounding out our top five flicks on none other than RIO. This animated family-friendly project doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere. It has consistently hung around the top spots with the big dogs for quite some time now. This weekend it made $8 million. But I duely give it its props for more than holding its own. It currently sits in number 2 for most revenue earned this year behind FAST FIVE. The summer treats just keep coming beginning with PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES this Friday. The week after is KUNG FU PANDA 2 and the much awaited HANGOVER PART II.

The Box Office is going to continue to heat up along with the Summer. Check out the rest of the Box Office resutls on Box Office Mojo and see how your predictions did.

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