Viggo Mortensen drops out of SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, Universal moving on

It looks as though Viggo Mortensen will not be starring in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN. Mortensen was in protracted negotiations as of last night, but those negotiations have now ended. The actor would have starred opposite Kristen Stewart (Snowhite) and Charlize Theron (Evil Queen) in one of several current Snow White projects in development. The film does have commercial director, Rupert Sanders, making his directorial debut and Joe Roth producing. Keep reading for more details.

Ever since Mortensen asked for $8 million plus gross participation, negotiations have been contentious with Mortensen since the beginning, according to THR. The deal apparently had fully collapsed earlier, allowing him to consider playing the villain role in Warner Bros. SUPERMAN reboot. The talks had resume, but sources now claim the deal has again fallen apart. The same sources do not know if the deal is dead or simply a negotiation tactic by Mortensen. THR reports that as of now, Universal is moving on.

The film had amped up action added to the classic fairy tale. The story plays up the relationship between Snow White and the Huntsman. White is on the run after being banished by the Evil Queen, and the Huntsman takes her under his wing to protect her, and she becomes his protege, learning how to fight and defend herself.

What are your thoughts on this news? Who do you think should be cast in the role if Mortensen is in fact out?

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