THE CORRIDOR – U.S. Premiere at Boston Underground Film Festival

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THE CORRIDOR from Last Call Productions and Chronicle Pictures is set to premiere at the Boston Underground Film Festival on March 26! The film first screened at the Atlantic Film Festival where it received outstanding critical and audience response. It had so much praise that it was held over for an additional screening. The film is the second offering from Nova Scotia at this years BUFF festival with Jason Eisener’s HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN slated to open the festival on March 24. Keep reading for the synopsis and to watch the trailer embedded below.

THE CORRIDOR is the feature debut for director Evan Kelly. The cast includes, Stephen Chambers, James Gilbert, David Patrick Fleming, Matthew Amyotte and Glen Matthews. It is produced by Craig Cameron (TOUCH AND GO) and Mike Masters (REEL ZOMBIES) and written by Josh MacDonald (FAITH, FRAUD AND MINIMUM WAGE).

Here is a description of the film:

It brought them all together… and then it tore them all apart.” 

They’ve been the best of buddies for more than a decade, but now they’re changing– getting married, getting promoted, going bald, going insane. During a male-bonding weekend, they will discover a spectral corridor through the woods– an impossible hallway where none should be. It will lead these five men into fear, into betrayal, and into the biggest change of them all: by weekend’s finish… they’ll be dead

THE CORRIDOR will screen at the Kendall Square Cinema in Boston on Saturday, March 26 at 4:30 PM and then again on Tuesday, March 29 at 7:15 PM. For more specific information on the screening and a write up on the film visit

Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts:
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Here is the official synopsis:
After the death of his mother, Tyler Crawley’s mind takes a grief-stricken hiatus. A wintry weekend of male-bonding and a cleansing release of ashes at the old family cabin promise to coax him back from the brink. However, somewhere in the hinterlands of Nova Scotia, a corridor between deep space and hell quietly beckons like an interdimensional siren. What begins as a promising fresh start quickly devolves into a gruesome finish as friends become foes and reality becomes a dark, cruel parody of itself.
This unnatural corridor, in its quiet hum of a mystery, begins to intrigue, manipulate, and ensnare; everyone begins to be…affected by this alien wall. Communication begins to break down; misunderstandings abound. A psychological, sci-fi horror whodunit is afoot as the group becomes increasingly argumentative, grappling with the corridor’s existence; masculinity, sanity, and humanity itself begin to be questioned. With violent consequences.
What is this corridor? No one can say for certain. It stands in the deep woods, a visual distortion in-between worlds, a wonder to behold. But, it’s doing something to minds of these five friends, stripping away those mental mechanisms that keep hedonistic savagery at bay. The scenario is reminiscent of that Star Trek episode where everyone loses their shit (Mr. Sulu, shirtless, fencing on the bridge of the Enterprise, Mr. Spock crying for his mommy, cats and dogs sleeping together, mass hysteria). However, this is much bloodier and way more traumatic.
The unfolding action is fiercely unpredictable and thoroughly chilling; a madcap mania overtakes them one by one. This Guys Gone Wild(ly Insane) weekend resonates somewhere between Stand By Me and Event Horizon. At times heartwarming, but mostly horrific, The Corridor is darkly engrossing; hard to look at, but also hard to look away from, it’s a terrifying character study of group dynamics under supernatural pressure.
— Nicole McConvery
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