Peter Bjorn and John Discuss New Album

Peter Morenthe singer-guitarist of the group, describes the concept of Gimme Some by saying:

“This time around we had the clear idea of going back to basics — guitar, bass, drums.”

The trio’s March 29 release Gimme Some is noted as being a stylistic 180-degree turn from 2009’s Living Thing, a dark departure into artfully damaged electronic music.Gimme Some was recorded with producer Per Sunding, whose former band, Swede pop-rock outfit Eggstone. Fans of PB&J should be happy to learn that the new album revisits the territory of their 2006 breakout release, Writer’s Block, and its indie hit “Young Folks” — think upbeat, whistle-worthy melodies.
The new album takes from the band’s favorite childhood albums. Moren states:

“We always make mix tapes for each other before going into the studio,” says Moren. “We listened to R.E.M., Stone Roses, Buzzcocks, the Damned.”

A love of soul, blues, and early rock’n’roll also shines on Gimme Some, especially in the swinging grooves and call-and-response vocal patterns. “We wanted something peppy, poppy, positive,” Moren adds.

I am very excited for this new album. Be sure to check back for our review of the album closer to it’s release date.  Are you a fan of Peter Bjorn and John?
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