The Wachowski’s Developing A Modern Day ROBIN HOOD

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The Wachowski‘s are developing an urban take on the Robin Hood myth at Warner Bros.The film is called Hood and they have completed a script and will direct the project which is as usual shrouded in secrecy. It has been reported by THR that Will Smith is among the actors the pair has reached out to. If we look at the past work of the Wachowski’s then we can likely assume that they will blend their trademark blend of comic-book infused pop art to into the story.

CN-9 is the current project the pair has been trying to find financing for.  The film is an Iraqi war movie told from the point of view of archeologists that have pieced together events from the U.S. occupation of Iraq using found footage.  The film includes two male soldiers falling in love and a plot to assassinate George W. Bush.

The Wachowski’s have been working with Warners ever since 1999’s The Matrix. Speed Racer caused their relationship to be a bit rocky, but the pair did give the studio first-crack at CN-9. 

I have always been interested in Robin Hood and would love to see a modern day retelling of the story and am interested to see what the Wachowski’s are able to do with the story.  What are your thoughts on this news?

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